Quinovic West Auckland – Meth Management System

At Quinovic West Auckland we have taken a proactive approach to the growing problem of rental properties being contaminated by chemical residue from methamphetamine use and manufacture.

The problem is growing, due to public awareness many more properties are being tested before purchase and property sales are falling over even when low levels of contamination are discovered, well below Ministry of Health guidelines.

Contamination can be registered on the Council LIM affecting the capital value of the property forever.

Also if you ever have the misfortune of having a Police raid on your property and meth contamination above Ministry of Health guidelines is established then significant cost will be incurred with specialised cleaning and testing before the property can be legally habitable again.

Methamphetamine contamination testing service

Quinovic West Auckland staff are all trained to identify the risk signs and certified to provide low cost testing for Meth contamination.

We are able to test your property before, during and between tenancies for Meth contamination; once we know the scale of the problem we can manage it on a case by case basis to get the best outcome for the property owner

The samples Quinovic take are tested by an Independent laboratory which reports accurate levels of contamination that can be compared with Ministry of Health guidelines within a 1 week turnaround.

All testing is undertaken on a confidential basis for the property owner.

Meth help


This site is for any New Zealander concerned about their own or someone else’s use of meth and how it is impacting their lives.

What you will find are experiences from meth users who have gone through the highs and lows of using and from their loved ones who were caught in the chaos.

Their stories are straight-up accounts of meth and how they were able to release the grip meth had on their lives.

Meth Solutions

Meth Solutions

The MethSolutions service starts at just $99+GST per kit with turnaround times to suit your requirements.

Options for greater insight testing/detailed testing are available. Contact us for more information.

If you want to increase the likelihood of detecting any meth present, don’t settle for anything less!

Why MethSolutions?
Our ‘Baseline’ service is composite/group sampling. This type of approach has been used in America for many years to test property where there is no reason to suspect meth contamination. Eight samples per kit are taken by our Certified Sampler. These samples are then analysed by an independent laboratory.

We have certified samplers available throughout New Zealand.

Meth testing
Other providers’ use infield/self-test kits that can leave meth contamination undetected by not detecting lower levels or simply not taking enough samples. Refer to our ‘making sense of meth testing’ webpage for more information.

Meth Minder


Meth Minder is a stand alone device, powered by long life batteries, which communicate wirelessly via the national digital cell network. No power or phone connection required. In simple terms, Meth Minder monitors the surrounding atmosphere within which it is placed. Meth Minder is also fitted with an array of anti tamper alarms which are continuously monitored by the control room.

Meth Minder silently contacts the control room if a P- lab is detected, or the device is tampered with, this will dramatically reduce or even eliminate the contamination of the premises.

Tenants are informed from the outset, that the property is monitored by Meth Minder, along with the consequences and charges they will face, if they tamper with the device.

In the event of alarm activation, the monitoring team will then notify your nominated contact and the police if required. This makes Meth Minder the most effective deterrent available.

Of course, the ideal scenario is that the presence of a Meth Minder will deter tenants from even contemplating cooking ‘P’ in the first place.

Meth Minder the affordable and effective solution.

Quinovic West Auckland is dedicated to protecting your investment

If you have concerns about meth at your rental property call us now 09 837 6000